Helping you Function: all day

There’s so much to do and see, and hardly enough time and energy to do it. We’re committed to helping active, busy people perform at their best and enjoy life to the fullest all day long. So we want to help power you up for whatever comes next - tackling that next workout, concert, long night at the office or driving the kids to school. Try one today!

Coffee Berry - The outer fruit of the coffee bean, popularly recognized for its stimulant properties

Yerba mate - Leaves from this plant are a powerful stimulant and an important part of South American culture, often brewed and enjoyed in traditional gourds.

Guarana - The potent seeds of its fruits have been used in South America for centuries for energy

Green Tea - A centuries-old tradition in Asia for alertness

Tumeric - Traditionally used as a remedy for inflammation and nausea

Ginger - A classic home remedy around the world for nausea and digestion

Prickly Pear (nopal) - Used to reduce feelings of dehydration

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